Gesendet am Fr 22. Mai 2020 / 21 Uhr
AMRO20: Art Meets Radical Openness 2020



Isolation Hyms & Lockdown Anthems, Moritz Morast

Morast explores the expanding technical environment of video conferencing software in the form of a vocal-piece for voice, video conferencing software and electronics.


Kikimora is a mythological female house spirit in eastern Slavic mythology which is known for producing noises and weird sounds in the middle of the night. Kikimore can seduce you, intrigue you, frighten you or inspire your imagination.

Darkvoice, Jörg Piringer

darkvoice is an album and a set of videos reflecting on the role of spoken language in the age of pervasive and permanent electronic surveillance. it is exclusively made from manipulated voice, sinister typography and digital technology.

Aire, Interspecifics

Aire is a generative sound piece inspired by the complexity and variation of atmospheric data in one of the most polluted cities in the world: Mexico City. We start from a research work that focal point is to understanding the way in which CDMX’s environmental monitoring system operates. We use a software written in Python to access the data that environmental sensors throw in real time.

Human, Yen Tzu Chang

With music, Yen Tzy Chang presents the complexity and subtlety of the interpersonal relationship. Through the combination of fragmented sounds in life and extending a paragraph to a whole song, a sense of life and a slow sense of time and space are produced. Those incomplete relationships and clumsy vocabulary are represented in the work.

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Gesendet am Fr 22. Mai 2020 / 21 Uhr

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