Gesendet am Mi 20. Mai 2020 / 21 Uhr
AMRO20: Art Meets Radical Openness 2020

Exhibition opening, Performances


Exhibition Opening

Part of the opening night, also this years Exhibition “Lost in a garden of clouds” will open with a “tour”. This will be done through a short conversation with the two exhibition designers Sai Bao and Yang Mu. See you at the buffet for a drink.


is a live coding performance in online environments driven by choreographic scores — bringing new meanings and producing new imaginaries around the acts of coding.

gunship collider – netlabel dance mix, Dominik Leitner

Music from when the internet was still the Wild Wild Web. Before the monopolies took over, and streaming platforms became the norm, netlabels where doing invaluable work. Between .gif-laden websites you’d find .zip files full of the strangest sounds free to download. Published either under creative commons, or without regard for any copyright at all, their own or someone else’s.

Heavy Lifting

Scrambled samples, seasick beats, and acid basslines beamed over the internet and into your ears. 150 bpm cyclic patterns live coded using TidalCycles

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Gesendet am Mi 20. Mai 2020 / 21 Uhr

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