Gesendet am Mi 20. Mai 2020 / 19 Uhr
AMRO20: Art Meets Radical Openness 2020

Festival Opening, Keynotes, Conversations


Intimacy and Its (Technological) Discontents: 3 Theses While Social Distancing

With: Nishant Shah, Us(c)hi Reiter, Valie Djordjevic

The most famous critique of social distancing started in anthropology circles once we had officially entered the Age of the Novel Corona Virus. We are just ‘physically distancing’, these critics said, not ‘socially distant’.

Living in Electric Fields — 5G Environments are invisible

With: Birgit Schneider

Digitalization will come” – this is the mantra of our society. In recent decades the atmosphere of the city has changed drastically. The environment has been transformed into a high-frequency electromagnetic field by the increasing number of antennas. In my talk, I will use examples from art and technology to speculate on how the change in urban space and atmospheres can be grasped, but also why 5G is a perfect case for techno-criticism and conspirancy theories alike.

Tales of the Rare Earth — Deep Time and Deep Futures in the Arts

With: Erich Berger

Deep time is understood as the concept behind geological time: the history of the earth from its beginnings as a molten ball of matter until the present. Deep futures do not yet exist, they are a thought-vehicle to speculate within the probability space of a future earth.

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Gesendet am Mi 20. Mai 2020 / 19 Uhr

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