Gesendet am Sa 23. Mai 2020 / 21 Uhr
AMRO20: Art Meets Radical Openness 2020



Noisy in organic, Trial#1

Trial#1 presents their new performance that most closely reminds us of the sound of robotic insects. Can you hear a frog or a mosquito? They subtly connect the unpredictable noise with the unpredictability of nature. We can see this in the interaction between each artist and her instruments, but also between the artists themselves.

Self-Similarity, Wolfgang Spahn

A performance for sonification and visualization of states of disorder and irregularities in chaos theory. Self-similarity itself is a typical property of those mathematical objects. Fractals, Strange Attractors and other chaotic systems were used to create an immersive light and sound performance with no spatial and acoustic borders – it is expanded cinema in its most radical form.

ASMR for Earthly Survival, Post-Bio-Internet Collective

Soft voices and soothing sounds will take the audience on a sensory audiovisual journey through a dystopian near future. The resulting work is based on the collaborative composition and exploration of intimate fears and tribulations related to current climate change narratives, and represented through the implementation of the experimental ASMR methods presented at the “ASMR for earthly survival” workshop held during the festival.


For his live performances, hellocatfood uses software including Pure Data to explore the creative potential of algorithms, glitches, and feedback loops.

HIPERSONICA, Alexandra Cardenas

HIPERSONICA // live coded music // improvised music // generative music // stochastic music // tecnho+noise

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Gesendet am Sa 23. Mai 2020 / 21 Uhr

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