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Gesendet am Mi 05. Sep 2018 / 22 Uhr
Sounds Supreme Radio

Speeka Mix (South Africa)

Der südafrikanitsche Hip Hop, Kwaito und House Produzent Speeka ist mit einem Mix in Jay Scarletts Sounds Supreme zu Gast.


Brandon Coleman – Giant Feelings (Brainfeeder)
The Outsider – Sunshine (Original Mix) (Midnight Riot)
Róisín Murphy – All My Dreams (Radio Edit) (Vinyl Factory)
Natureboy Flako – Theme for a Dream (Five Easy Pieces)
Jesse Fischer – The Intrepid Fox (Jesse Fischer)
Alma Negra – Sueno Latino (Forthcoming on Lumberjacks In Hell)
Joe Ariwa – King Moses (33rpm Version) (Love International Recordings)
iZem – Beni Lane (Enchufada)
Khalab feat. Tenesha the Wordsmith – Black Noise (On The Corner Records)
Mr Twin Sister – Jaipur (Twin Group)
Space Monk – Pi (Self Released)
Reginald Chapman – Mysterious Hope Of Glory (Fresh selects)
Kalima – (Where Is The) Sunshine Pt. II (Chuwanaga)
Childish Gambino – Feels Like Summer
Jenny Penkin – Game No Mo (Raw Tapes)
Swarvy – All Ways (feat. Pink Siifu) (Paxico Records)
R+R=NOW – Change of Tone (Capitol Records)
Tenderlonious feat. The 22archestra – SV Disco (22a Records)
RJD2 – Body Rock For Love (Instrumental) (RJ’s Electrical Connections)
Perry Day – Take It Easy (Original Mix) (Forthcoming on Midnight Riot)
Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band – Maracas Bay Boogie (Big Crown Records)
Ebony Bones – Ghrelin Games (1984 Records)
Scott Xylo feat. Afronaut Zu, Catherine Sera, Marcus Joseph – Ariya (Black Acre Records)

Speeka Mix (South Africa)

Soweto Tshepiso – b.a.e. [produced by SPeeKa]
SoniQ – “My Light Blue Days” (ft. Melina) [produced by Artil & SoniQ]
Bantu Speaking – Izandla zakaGogo [produced by SPeeKa]
Infektist – Beautiful Rain (ft. Theo Songtress) [produced by Infektist]
Loux Artiste – “Olwangempela” (ft. Infektist) [produced by SPeeKa]
MaseVen – “Tshunela” (ft. Juja ) [produced by SPeeKa]
Etcetera – “Gwababa” [produced by Proff]
Deep Soweto – “Abomaqhuzu” [produced by King Flo]
SpeeKa – “Time” (ft. Loux Artiste, Cbuu Clouds, Theo Songstress & Soweto Tshepiso)
MaseVen – “Ngik’thanda 100” [produced by Infektist]
Somewhere Emkonti – “Isphithiphithi” [produced by Slick]
Bantu Speaking – “Sisendleleni” (ft. Soweto Tshepiso) [produced by SPeeKa]

South African (Johannesburg) Hip-Hop, Kwaito and House producer Speeka was born and raised in Soweto contributing to the underground Soweto music scene began producing in his earliest music back in 2005, he started a Kwaito group called “BloodHoundz” after post producing the group he realised his true passion lay in making beats. After meeting up with some local artists the influences challenaged his Kwaito, Boom Bap and redefined his now coined “The Speeka Signature”sound which you’’ll hear in some of the tracks presented tonight in his mix.

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Gesendet am Mi 05. Sep 2018 / 22 Uhr

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