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Jay Scarlett
Gesendet am Mi 06. Mai 2020 / 22 Uhr
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Guestmix by Ziggy Zeitgeist

Nach Jay Scarletts Selection hören wir einen Guestmix von Ziggy Zeitgeist.


Lorenzo Morresi – Vision

Natalie Slade – Love Light (Holloway Remix)

Tom Caruana – Ginger Beer

Key Elements – Sua Onda

Native Dancer – MUMBAI

Sam Gendel – The Theem

YAH3 – Bathroom

William Bostick – 80’s Type feat. DJ Evil Get Rite

Nick Hakim – QADIR

Natureboy Flako – Synthfonie

Dilip – loaded

Tom Misch, Yussef Dayes – Festival

Iamnobodi – Here (featuring Yussef Dayes)

Paul Cut – Tipsy Glisse

dgoHn – Invisible Sandwich

Venuq & Luso – Displace

Tom Caruana – Milk Float

Terrace Martin – Apple Loves Ginger

Yadava – Heart Strings (Hermanito Remix)

Cassowary – 114° (Part 1)

Onipa – Free Up

Tom Caruana – Down Beat

The ARE – Clap Ya Hands

A song from nothing (#1 – Juno 60) – Instrumental

Benny Sings – Sunny Afternoon

The Rah Band – Clouds Across the Moon (Supanova Mix)

Anoraak/Sarah Maison – Gang

Foshe;Horatio Luna – Settle Down

Zito Mowa – A.A.R (feat. Malik Ameer)


Yadava – Grapefruits

Foshe;Horatio Luna – Nice to Meetcha

ESG – Moody

Jneiro Jarel – Banana Peel (Cáscara de plátano) Featuring Masauko Chipembere

Chuks Ejelonu – Inner Vision


Ziggy Zeitgeist (Freedom Energy Exchange Mix)

Ziggy Zeitgeist has become a staple of the Australian Music scene. Touring and recording with Melbourne Nu-Soul/ future-jazz collective, ‘30/70’ has enabled Zeitgeist to forge new frontiers in improvisation and drum-set application. Zeitgeist has stepped up to the role of bandleader in the debut self-titled album Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange.

The vision of this project was to create a live band experience that is closely aligned with an extended DJ set, heavily influenced by club culture and transformative festivals where people seek a more transcendent experience- a continuous odyssey, sound and groove with the spirit of live improvisation. The main influences for this project include house, broken beat, and a good dose of 70’s jazz-funk in order to create a unique and cosmic pocket.

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Gesendet am Mi 06. Mai 2020 / 22 Uhr

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