jay scarlett by yvonne schmedemann
by yvonne schmedemann
Gesendet am Mi 07. Okt 2020 / 22 Uhr
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October Mix

Musikalische Grüße von Jay Scarlett.


Valéria – Artimanhas (Forthcoming on Notes On Journey)
Nubya Garcia – Boundless Beings ft Akenya (Concord Jazz)
Pan Amsterdam – Dried Saliva (Forthcoming on Def Presse)
Wandl – Requiem (Erkennung) (Forthcoming on Affine Records)
Lone – Hanging Rock (Bandcamp)
Jimmy Edgar/Sophie – Metal (Innovative Leisure Records)
Mark Pritchard – Be Like Water ((Forthcoming on Warp)
Martyn X Om Unit – Tracksuit (Forthcoming on 3024-OMM1)
Becky On The Beat – Murderdem (Forthcoming on Triple R Music)
Sam Gendel – BBQ1 (Nonesuch)
JK Group – Fitchie (La Sape Records)
Intriguant – Faraway (Forthcoming On TAV Records)
Róisín Murphy – Game Changer (Skint Records)
Sault – No Black Violins in London
Sam Binga & Hyroglifics – Wicked (feat. Riko Dan)
Mieux – I Want (Affine Records)
Sully – Werk (Astrophonica Records)
Bobby Tank – Blood Dragon (Forthcoming on Cascade Records)
Hudson Mohawke – Cypress Phil (Warp Records)
Farhot – Azadi (Forthcoming on Kabul Fire)
Karu – Zaliwa (feat. Daykoda) (Forthcoming On Beat Machine Records)
Butcher Brown – KingButch (Concord Jazz)
The Pro-Teens – I Flip My Life Everytime I Fly (College Of Knowledge)
Quakers – It’s Here (Stones Throw Records)
Katalyst – Fresh Fire (World Galaxy Records)
Bloto – Jasmin (Agstigmatics Records)
Bridge – Reach Out (First Experience Records)
Cola Boyy – Have Seen Her (Abel Edit) (Record Makers)
Space Garage – Space Garage (Eclispe Version) (Periodica Records)
Polyphemos – Left Eye (Joe’s Bakery)
Flo Førg – Neighbours (Werkstoff Musik)
Theo Parrish – Hambone Cappuccino (Sound Signature)
Contour & Yadava – Low Swung (Anma Records)
Midlife – Memory Palace (Heavenly Recordings)
Lord Echo – The Sweetest Mediation (Soundway Recordings)
Black Motion – Ome (Sound African Recordings)
The Rhythm Sessions & Nutown Soul – We Can Make It (The Rhythm Imprint)
Mr. President Feat. Hawa – Gabriel (Forthcoming On Favourite Records)
Sweet Fruity Brunch – Disco Spider (Moment Cinetique)
Dan Kye – Rainbow Road (Forthcoming On Rhythm Section International)

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Gesendet am Mi 07. Okt 2020 / 22 Uhr

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