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in conversation with SOY BOT and Juan Linares

In conversation with SOYBOT about the Political Posters Club (PPC) and Juan Linares, designer and developer of the d*sign week graphic identity and website. About design tools appropriation, activism, big tech, disruptive design and playful aesthetics.

SOYBOT is a Vienna-based Micro Publishing Collective and Riso Printing Studio. We share an affinity to graphics, illustration and hardware. We occupy ourselves with elementary topics such as health, exorcism, UFOs, poems, prophecies, japan, implants and reptiles.

Juan Linares
Juan Linares is a visual artist with a strong interest in graphic design and web development. His practice revolves around the influence of digital tools on the construction of our shared imaginaries, and the potential of image-making to disrupt and construct potentially more desirable shared futures. He explores this influence through the use of graphic design, websites and installations.


d*sign week – radio conversations

from November 21. – 25.

17:00 – 18:00

Moderated by Gabriela Gordillo

Sound Design: Florine Mougel

Language: English

d*sign week is a gathering dedicated to experimental and independent design practices, initiated by the local cultural platforms Potato Publishing and in collaboration with Kunstuniversität Linz, Timebased Media & Visual Communication, Radio FRO and Kulturverein zur Schießhalle.

The radio conversations of the d*sign week, propose a dialogue between the program’s contributors and special guests as a way to document, share and discuss critical perspectives. At the same time, it aims to give visibility to independent, activist and experimental projects and practitioners.

Keywords: odd interactions, interfaces, accessibility, open source, commons, feminist infrastructure, speculative design, technological appropriation, sustainability, low tech design, self-publishing, archive, diy, diwo, community, trans-disciplinary, un-disciplinary practices, translation, memory, critical design…

21.11 – OINC & Jens Vetter

22.11 – La_bekka & tumbalacasa ediciones

23.11 – Master’s program Visual Communication

24.11 – SoyBot & Juan Linares

25.11 – Federico Poni (habitat) & Florian Reiche

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Gesendet am Fr 24. Nov 2023 / 17 Uhr

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