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in conversation with Federico Poni (Habitat) and Florian Reiche

In conversation with Federico Poni about the workshop "Building collective digital archives" and the project Habitat, together with Florian Reiche on the project Hortus Plasticus and the initiative Amorgorama. About archive, alternative infrastructures, process, collectivity and better worlds.

Federico Poni (Habitat)
an artist / cyborg / pizzaiolo / web architect / net urbanist / student / teacher / copy-paste champion / garden lover / dead mouse / musician / alive pigeon / accelerationist / precarious / anarcho-defeatist / professional frier / wizard / minister / publisher / friend of machines / enemy of ASCII
Its practice is a slalom between performance, critical coding, games, sound design, post-photography and writing with the main focus on speculative disciplines and semiotic reflections. Always interested in the relations between humans and devices, It tries to imagine new ecosystems to dwell together. Its obsessions, these days, are the metaphysics of telecommunications, politics of self-hosting and ontology of dough making.

Florian Reiche
Currently undefined. So far, Web Developer, Graphic & Product Designer, Artist.


Florine Mougel
Florine Mougel is a sound artist, composer and visual artist based in Amiens, France. After her Cinema studies at the Sorbonne and Fine Arts studies in Marseille (ESADMM), she obtained her Masters in 2021 at the University of Art and Design in Linz. Her poetic work addresses our relationship to the mediated contemporary world through the prism of phenomenology. Since 2019, she´s part of the collective RGBastler with Andréea Vladut.


d*sign week – radio conversations
from November 21. – 25.
17:00 – 18:00

Moderated by Gabriela Gordillo
Sound Design: Florine Mougel
Language: English

d*sign week is a gathering dedicated to experimental and independent design practices, initiated by the local cultural platforms Potato Publishing and in collaboration with Kunstuniversität Linz, Timebased Media & Visual Communication, Radio FRO and Kulturverein zur Schießhalle.

The radio conversations of the d*sign week, propose a dialogue between the program’s contributors and special guests as a way to document, share and discuss critical perspectives. At the same time, it aims to give visibility to independent, activist and experimental projects and practitioners.

Keywords: odd interactions, interfaces, accessibility, open source, commons, feminist infrastructure, speculative design, technological appropriation, sustainability, low tech design, self-publishing, archive, diy, diwo, community, trans-disciplinary, un-disciplinary practices, translation, memory, critical design…

21.11 – OINC & Jens Vetter
22.11 – La_bekka & tumbalacasa ediciones
23.11 – Master’s program Visual Communication
24.11 – SoyBot & Juan Linares
25.11 – Federico Poni (habitat) & Florian Reiche

Zuletzt geändert am 28.11.23, 11:00 Uhr

Gesendet am Sa 25. Nov 2023 / 17 Uhr

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