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Gesendet am Mi 07. Nov 2018 / 22 Uhr
Sounds Supreme Radio

Guestmix by David Hanke

In der zweiten Stunde hören wir einen Mix vom deutschen DJ, Produzenten und Remixer David Hanke (Renegadez of Jazz).


Madison Washington – Bioluminescence feat. Bruce Edward Sherfield (Forthcoming Def Pressé)

Deft – Bellyboy (Feat. BUCHANAN) (Forthcoming 20/20 LDN)

Neneh Cherry – Black Monday (Forthcoming Nerry Cherry)

harry jen – doth carry on (Forthcoming Fir Way Records)

Tsuruda – Pull Up (Courteous Family)

Little Dragon – Lover Chanting (Ninja Tune)

Kalaha – Mama Ngoma (Forthcoming Rump Recordings)

The Expansions – Mariposa (Forthcoming Albert’s Favourites)

Niels Broos – It Rains (Alpha Pup Records)

Skyence – a body is not enough (Forthcoming Modularfield Recordings)

Sam Wilkes – Welcome (Leaving Records)

Annabel (lee) – Circles (Forthcoming Youngbloods)

dBridge – They Loved ft They Live & Poison Arrow (Forthcoming Exit Records)

Nightmares on wax – On It Maestro (Steven Julien Mix) (Warp Records)

Amber Mark – Can You Hear Me (Rework) (Jasmine Music)

Madison Washington – Monkz Point (Forthcoming Def Pressé)

Lando Chill- Koolaide (Mello Music Group)

Low Leaf – InnerG (Fresh Selects)

Abstract Orchestra – Great Day (Forthcoming ATA Records)

David Hanke ‚Rhythm Shapes Vol.1″ Tracklist

Amon Tobin – El Wraith (Ninja Tune)

Whitefiled Brothers – Prowlin (Soul Fire)

Bonobo – Sugar Rhyme (Tru Thoughts)

Nightmares On Wax – Pudpots (Warp records)

Romare – Down The Line (It Takes A Number) (Black Acre Records)

Channel X – Cheshire Cat (Stil vor Talent)

Planty Herbs – There’s Us (Intimate Friends)

David Hanke – Der Kugelkreis (Forthcoming Shapes of Rhythm)

Hoffy – Apple Juice (Forgot Records)

Crunch 22 „Young & Happy (Obas Nenor Remix)“

Sam Irl – You Don’t Feel Enough (Jazz & Milk)

Siggatunez – Paranoia (Ourselves)

David Hanke – Permutation (Forthcoming Shapes of Rhythm)

David Hanke – Impala Roundabout (Homeless Soul Records)

Books – Nomathemba (XVI Records)

Marenn Sukie – Mosaic (Apollo)

David Hanke, Lübeck, Germany

David Hanke is better known as Renegades Of Jazz, his primary musical

outlet since 2009. He is known as a DJ, producer and remixer, with six LP’s,

nine singles and over 100 Renegades Of Jazz remixes under his belt for

artists such as Brownout, Mop Mop and Kid Loco. Jazz, Funk, Hip-Hop and

Soul are the building blocks of his music.

David has released music as Renegades Of Jazz on Agogo, Wass and

Homeless Soul Records, as well as releasing jazzier cuts as The Motion

Orchestra and Keno on Bathurst.

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Gesendet am Mi 07. Nov 2018 / 22 Uhr

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