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Balance – 2

let´s talk about balance in life & join the guided meditation

In this podcast, I will talk about balance in life. How does a balanced life look like and what role can yoga play in finding and maintaining it. As always you will be invited to join a guided meditation. Enjoy.

I am a psychologist, actress and yoga coach. In my online yoga classes and programs, I guide you to be more present in the moment – for this is, where you have the power to act.



00:35 Balance

08:00 Meditation: Moving World

23:25 Waves rolling in onto the beaches of Portugal


Source for benefits of Meditation: “12 Science-Based Benefits of Meditation” by Matthew Thorpe, MD, PhD and Rachel Link, MS, RD

Music used for Intro and Extro: Close In Spirit by Elliot Middleton

Sounds of waves in Portugal: self recorded


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Karin is a psychologist, actress and yoga coach. She helps people to be more present in their body and to find clarity and balance in life.

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