Gesendet am Fr 11. Sep 2020 / 22 Uhr

Acoustic Ma(i)ze by muteaudio.

Social Distanced Maize Maze is a project by Stadtwerkstatt.

The monotony of maize fields under the sign of MORE LESS and of Nature and Culture Monotonia: A field of socially distanced maize has been set up on the main deck in front of the Stadtwerkstatt. The maize is played with sounds of itself – with a Acoustiv Ma(i)ze and leaf noises of wind, movement and alienation. One evening a Rave for the corn will be given as an installative setting and as a sign that in the double bind of currently omnipresent nature/sound atmospheres and the migration of parties in woods, meadows and fields, it should still be about music and club in the cities. We therefore invite you into the social sphere of the socially distanced cornfield: Let’s rave the corn!

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Gesendet am Fr 11. Sep 2020 / 22 Uhr

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