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How can we collectively experience feminist spatial practices despite physical distance?

During a walk guided by binaural sound recordings, we encounter a variety of female perspectives on daily-life in cities. The walk is a compilation of very different situations from very different places. While quietly walking the streets of the town they’re in, participants will experience emancipatory practices and spaces together with different narrative characters that guide them. Narrated spaces and the physical environment blend into each other. What can we learn from each other no matter the distance that separates us? Recorded spaces resonate in the real space. What would that be like if we’d use the same practices right here?
The audiowalks collect perspectives that are often times invisible, inaudible, and not payed attention to in city planning. Topics addressed include access/exclusion to/from spaces, culture of remembrance in public space, autonomous spaces, and urban economies.

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Gesendet am So 13. Sep 2020 / 15:15 Uhr

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