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The Crime Jazz Unit

Crime Jazz Unit #26

What...? This old thing...? I only wear this when I do not care how I look…

Welcome to Crime Jazz Unit #26 – Epilogue…
Including the Special Guest voices of Jen Venus as 'Sergeant McCluskey'.

This is the final episode of the Crime Jazz Unit as we strap ourselves into the electric chair… We cannot share our last meal but have a listen to our last words…

Thank you for the support over the past year. Special thanks to Petra, Sabina, all at Radio FRO and to you dear listener.

This show ends with the special bonus track of The Real Tuesday Weld's version of Torch Song which was originally done by the band with guest vocalist Claudia Bruken for the video game L.A. Noire!

Stay outta trouble!

Detective, Crime Jazz Unit

p.s. Jen Venus!!! What a name and she suits it!!

Track listing below:
                  Title                                         Artist
1 Theme from Captain Scarlet             Barry Gray Orchestra
2 Theme from the Organizer               Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited
3 The Real Story                               David Holmes
4 Theme from The Third Man              Howard Smith & Super J Lounge
5 Audition                                        Elmer Bernstein                        
6 The Second Stain                            Barry Adamson
7 Torch Song                                    The Real Tuesday Weld

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Gesendet am So 18. Nov 2012 / 22 Uhr

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