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2h Mix

Neues und Rares aus der "Plattenkiste" von Jay Scarlett - von Dorian Concept bis NUBIYAN TWIST .

Evil Needle – Angst (Forthcoming HW&W Recordings)
Soia – Hoe for Love (Forthcoming Beatart Department/Compost)
Joe Armon-Jones – Starting Today Dub Version (Brownswood Recordings)
Sampology – Blooming In The Streets Ft Seven Davis Jr (Middle Name Records)
Joe Armon-Jones – Mollison Dub Vocal Version (Feat. Asheber) (Brownswood Recordings)
Nicole Jaey – Breeze (Forthcoming Aviary)
Deep Shoq – Keep It One Hundred (Darker Than Wax)
Dorian Concept – Eigendynamik (BrainFeeder)
Kamaal Williams – DISAINTJAZZ (Black Focus)
Black Thought, Salaam Remi – Long Liveth (Passyunk Productions / Human Re Sources)
Low Leaf – Aqueous Earth (Fresh Selects)
Unknown – Shadow Figures (Unknown)
Alphabets Heaven – Sex You (Self Release)
Pomrad – Wheelz Of Fortune (Self Released)
9th Wonder Ft. Niko Brim, Swank, Charlie Smarts, GQ, Rapsody – Goodfellas (Jamla Records)
NUBIYAN TWIST – SUGAR CANE feat. Nubiya Brandon (Strut Records)
Ghost-Note, Ernie G – Nod to Dilla (Ropeadope Records)
Synkro – Gagaku (Frederic Robinson Remix) (Forthcoming Synkro Musik)
Dissident – Mermaid In Oil Slick (Forthcoming Hyperboloid Records)
Arp XP x Kabuki – Andiamo (Self Release)
Thing – Ras Dog (Forthcoming ThirstyOne Recordings)
Thing – Spice It Up (Forthcoming ThirstyOne Recordings)
Soia – Fractal Spirits (Forthcoming Beatart Department/Compost)
Promnite, TZAR – Letters (Fools Gold Records)
Vanilla – Keep On (Vinyldigital.de)
Steve Spacek – Shout (Forthcoming Eglo Records)
Joe Corfield – Grey Kimono (Melting Pot Music)
Anderson .Paak – Summers (Aftermath/12 Tone Music, LLC)
Steve Spacek – DMIX (Unreleased)
Steve Spacek Ft. Oddisee – Take Ova (Forthcoming Eglo Records)
Nicola Cruz – Arka (ZZK Records)
Planet Battagon – Moon Of Dysnomia (On The Corner Records)
Steve Spacek – Carnival Nights (Eglo Records)
Triassic Tusk Records – Trio Ternura – A Gira (Triassic Tusk Records)
Gecko Turner – Cortando Bajito (Jungle Fire Remix) (Lovemonk Records)
James Mason – Sweet Power (Your Embrace) (Chiaroscuro Records)
Rude & Mean (James Rudie & EVM128) – Moments In Soul (Self Release)
Crown Heights Affair – Dance Lady Dance (RFX Edit) (Forthcoming Fantastic Voyage)
Sameed – Feelin‘ (Spy Edits)
Brothermartino & The Ivory Boy – Untitled Bounce (Forthcoming Money Sex Records)
SofaTalk – Balancing Acts (Omena Records)
Ghost-Note, Phil Lassiter – Fragile (Ropeadope Records)
The Busy Twist – Wa Wa Wine (Beating Heart Records)
Beat Spacek – 54 STEPS (Unreleased)
Steve Elliott – Wake Up (Satin Records)
Rhythm Staircase – Batik (Original Mix) (Sunclock Records)

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Gesendet am Mi 06. Feb 2019 / 22 Uhr

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