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The Subtle Bodies – 4

In this podcast I will talk about the Panchamaya Kosha System and how it relates to the 8 Limbed Path of Yoga AND as always you are invited to enjoy a guided meditation with me!

When we talk about the Panchamaya Kosha System, we talk about the subtle bodies of our being.

Similar to the eight limbs written down in the yoga sutras, which I talked about in the last podcast, the layers of the Kosha System range from the densest part of our being (the body), to the most subtle (inner joy and peace). The layers of the Kosha System are interconnected and we can help bring our lives into balance on all the levels of the Kosha System, which is why it is often used in Yoga Therapy.


As always, following this, you will be invited to join a short meditation to connect the theory with practice.


Tune in and enjoy! 😊

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Karin is a psychologist, actress and yoga coach. She helps people to be more present in their body and to find clarity and balance in life.

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