Lukas Jakob Löcker
Gesendet am Fr 11. Nov 2022 / 17 Uhr
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Sounds Like A Book Special 2022

This years Special Feature will revisit RADIO FRO’s cooperation with SOUNDS LIKE A BOOK regarding the residency THREADS.

a brief context by its coordinator and radio fro editor Lukas Jakob Löcker leads into a interview-relay by the ten international artists of this edition! Words mixed with sounds of their projects, field recordings from around from around Șona and more.

Sounds like a Book is a book-making and self-publishing platform founded in Bucharest Romania – it focuses on the visual representation of sound with the goal, to raise interest in books and sound as mediums of artistic expression. Thus, establishing itself in the Romanian artistic community as the first attempt to bring these two mediums together.

The artistic residency „THREADS“ brough together 10 international artists n the Blue House of Șona (Brașov), to work from 1st till 15th of August 2022 on sounds and books – together with experts in the field of design, sound art and the local community. Consisting of three complementary parts: a series of walks, a sound art workshop and a book design workshop. The workshops’ main aim was the production of creative projects, both based on research and dialogue with the community of Șona.

These experiments with two alternative mediums of expression lead to engagements in exploring how we relate to peculiar places. The walking and storytelling became tools in acquiring knowledge and means of reflection upon how we inhabit a place and how we are in a space together with human and nonhuman agents.

Artists: Anca Dima, Vitaly Yankovy, Alina Ion, Edén Barrena, Nadine Weber, Alexandru Mihai Budeș, Matei Monoranu, Miruna Radovici, Roxana Morar, Guillaume Bihan

Coordinators: Lukas Jakob Löcker (Sound) & Graphomat (Book)

Guided Tours: Oana Tudoran (Storytelling)

Guests: Ingrid Ene & Gheorghe Iosif, Lia & Dan Perjovschi, Costin Duțu, Josephine Jatzlau

Cooperators: Fundația Ștefan Câlția, Galeria Posibilă, Kunstuniversität Linz, Artists play with time, Radio Fro, Radio România Cultural, The Institute, Asociația Jumătatea Plină, Backlab Collective, Revista Arta, Bună Ziua Făgăraș – Radio Star Făgăraș

Exhibition: 10th–19th of November at Galeria Posibilă (Bucharest)

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Gesendet am Fr 11. Nov 2022 / 17 Uhr

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