Chuck Schneider Foto: Petra Moser
Foto: Petra Moser

Women’s Protest Pop

This edition of Potluck will be a “Women Only” playlist honoring International Women’s Day that’s celebrated in March.
The show contains over 50 minutes of uninterrupted music. Women singing out against sexual, racial, and political oppression. Many of the songs were specifically produced as a protest against the Donald Trump regime.
There are no comments - the songs (and the women) speak for themselves.


Rebell Girl – Bikini Kill

Unbeschreiblich Weiblich – Nina Hagen

Nina Simone – Revolution

Strange Fruit – Billie Holiday

I’m Crying – Lucinda Williams

Talkin’ bout a Revolution – Tracy Chapman

Map of Tasmania – Amanda Palmer

#1 Must Have – Sleater-Kinney

Like My Hand Did – Boyfriend

Bitch – Meredith Brooks

Ani DiFranco – Play God

Can’t You Tell? – Aimee Mann

Our America Back – Jill Sobule

People Have the Power – case/lang/veirs

Can’t Keep Quiet! – MILCK + Choir! of 1300

Tiny Hands – Fiona Apple (DJ Matt Bailer Remix)


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