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Foto: Petra Moser
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Ani DiFranco – Binary

March 8th was International Women's Day so on this March edition of Potluck I‘ll be featuring the latest LP, Binary, from the American feminist-activist Ani DiFranco. You’ll be able to hear the album in its entirety and without interruption.

A“Women Only” playlist honoring the International Women’s Day that was celebrated last week.

 Featuring the American singer-song-writer Ani DiFranco with her latest album Binary. The 47-year-old DiFranco is not only known as a multi-instrumentalist, poet and feminist-activist but as a successful businesswoman who founded her on record label, Righteous Babe Records in 1990 giving her and the artists she signed creative freedom and independence from the major labels.

Binary, DiFranco’s 19th studio album, was release in June 2017 and has New Orleans greats such as Ivan Neville accompanying her.

50 minutes of uninterrupted women’s lyrical protest pop. There won’t be any breaks or comments. The songs for speak for themselves.

This is Ani DiFranco at her best.

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