Mojca Plansak

Mojca Plansak, participant and a postgraduate student at the Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts - Comparative Studies of Ideas and Cultures in Ljubljana, she will provide us an overview on differences and similarities between Slovenia and Macedonia, concerning digitalisation processes on the balkans.

In the past Mojca Plansak was involved in radio projects like cross radio, which was designed to reveal the cultural family to the youth on the balkans which they once belonged, or better have benn part of, to give them a chance to understand cultural similarities as well as gaps, and to enable them to overcome the nationalist attempts in cultural division, that took place before, whilst and still is active after the balkan wars in the 1990s. and radio mars.

Mojca Planšak

Mojca Planšak

In the 21st century the media changes tremendously. Not jus because of the globalization and the neo- liberal time but basically and mostly because of the Media Policy, including the digitalization. The question that really concerns me is; where in all of Media Policy is some space and place for free and community media?, or as Preston and Kerr are putting it in the article Digital media, nation- states and local cultures: the case of multimedia ‘content’ production:” Global technologies offer potential opportunities as well as threats. For the smaller social formations and national cultures, there remain many ‘spaces’ and creative opportunities to challenge trends towards the more hegemonic and monopolistic global media structures”, (2001: 126). The task for free and community media is obviously clear: to challenge and conquer those spaces with all possible forces, avoiding all the threats and to demand from the EU Media Policy to be included and not excluded. There is a lot of space out there and free and community media definitely have the creativity and knowledge to be part of that space. The time to grab it and get it is near!


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