Birds of a Feather Meetings – Sat, 8.9.

Preparations for both of the conference’s panels are being made at two "birds of a feather" sessions. The aim is to create a relaxed setting for exchange and dialogue

who? Radio-FRO - and You / where? - Stadtwerkstatt - Servus Clubraum

10:00 – 13:00 BOF “Blackbox Technology”

BOF A, “Black Box Technology” will confront technologies with non-technological approaches and challenges derived from brainstorming on needs, offers and requirements of standards that must be met in order to promote the approaches of community media, such as free and open access, affordability….(This BOF will be streamed via the web)
The results of this open discussion will be fed into the Panel “A Say in Technical Advances”, challenging the current offers and claims of the present digital broadcasting standards.

14:00 – 17:00 BOF “Promoting Free Community Media”

BOF B, “Promoting Free Community Media” will deal with measures to be taken in order to ascertain and to promote futures capabilities of free media and especially free, not-for-profit broadcasters, such as community radios. The primary goals for this meeting will therefore be to investigate draft papers that should be addressed by organizations such as VFRÖ, the umbrella organization of Austrian free radios, but also to examine notes and draft papers to be addressed by local, regional, national and international politically responsible organizations and entities. Ideas will also be discussed, which should be brought into existing discourses as well as being able to start new discourses, and for developing new coalitions among different media initiatives that are still often barely connected and therefore isolated and struggling on alone. Basically this BOF should provide a framework for a diversity of approaches seeking to overcome mental boundaries and addressing identified common needs and desires in relation to the dominant structures. These approaches are needed to challenge narrow-minded blind spots in the perception of these structures and the solutions with their concomitant strategies derived from them.

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