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Bettina Frenzel
Kultur & Bildung spezial

Feminist Resistance against Fundamentalisms

We visited the second international Marxist-Feminist Conference at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna in the beginning of October.

The first international Marxist-Feminist Conference was organised in Berlin in 2015. The conference in 2015, which intended to pick up the threads of past Marxist-feminist research and engagement was – even to the surprise of the organisers – a great success. One of the suggestions for a second conference, with a very describing title: Building Bridges – Shifting and Strengthening Visions – Exploring Alternatives, was to diversify the issues and Marxist-feminist approaches to theories and organising even more. The organizers tried to take that advice to heart by inviting speakers from different parts of the world and with diverse visions of what Marxist-feminist theorising and organising can be.

We are dedicating this edition of Kultur und Bildung spezial to the panel discussion “Feminist Resistance against Fundamentalisms”. In the first part Nira Yuval-Davis is discussing “Anti-Fundamentalism, Anti-Racism and Feminist Politics”. And in the second part you will hear Gabriele Dietrich in “A Flower on the Chain or a Tunnel towards Liberation?”

The conference was organised by the feminist section of InkriT (Berlin Institute of Critical Theory), transform! europe, Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and many others.

Conference Report: Writing Feminism into Marxism

Music: Riot Grrrl is not Dead

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