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Foto: Petra Moser
Gesendet am Do 17. Mär 2016 / 20 Uhr

“Women Only” playlist featuring Carole King

The International Women’s Day is in March - so for this edition of Potluck I put together a retro - “Women Only” playlist featuring music from Carole King. This show is retro in two ways: much of the music was originally recorded in the 60’s and I’ll be playing King’s 1971 seminal album Tapestry straight through.

Throughout the 60’s King, together with Gerry Goffin, wrote a string of pop classics. Following her successful career as a songwriter, she set off to perform her own material. In 1971 she released the album Tapestry – one of the best-selling albums of all time. She wrote or co-wrote all of the songs on the album – several of them already hits by other Artists.

The playlist begins with four of my “Goffin & King” favorites and continues with the album Tapestry.


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Gesendet am Do 17. Mär 2016 / 20 Uhr

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