Radio FRO Mediaconference 2008 – First information (engl)

Radio FRO's media conference within the frame of the Ars Electronica Festival 2008.

Like the last years, Radio FRO will organize a media conference, embedded in the frame of the ARS Electronica Festival, in 2008 too. The main topics are linked to networks, diversity, openness and organizational questions. According to the change in the topic range, the approaches, formats and of course the organizational concept changes too.

Participation, based on media, fostered via media and of course in media are core questions and interlinked questions, active involvement and participation are enormously important and therefore the organization of this years media conference, Mediadays is open. Your ideas, approaches, contributions and especially your activity is needed.

Technology and techniques, will find special attention as every year, while we hope to pay special attention to social techniques, social networking for example and social practices within organizations and wherever.

Web 2.0 tools like bloggings, web – streaming, podcast, wikis and co won't solely be questioned and obejcts of discussion, but moreover will play special roles during the process of the organization of the conference. Parts of the two days lasting conference will be organized by Radio FRO and some co organizing initiatives and communities, like it happened in the last years too, while some other parts will be organized openly and on the base of the mediawiki, which is the central construction, information and discussion board, where exchange and development will take place. Groups, individuals, initiative who or which wish to contribute ideas or whatever, can do so via the wiki. Anyone can leave topic suggestions, can offer contents and can actively take part at discussions leave comments and similar, as long as these contributions fit into the topic range or can be seen related to the core questions. The diversity of approaches will result from the diversity of approaches while a possible and appreciated emergence of coherence can only result from interaction and exchange of the contributors.

In general this year we try to give room for a variety of formats and approaches, and we seek to foster and enable theoretical as well as practical approaches, and seek to provide room and means for exchange, workshops, meetings and lectures as well as we foster self organized meetings as well as informal exchange, or in short, we hope we can provide what people seek for.
Everyone willing to participate actively can do so via our public and open mediawiki: or get in touch wit us via e-mai or phone:

Email: mailto:

Tel.: ++43-732-717277-119

Post: Radio FRO, Kirchengasse 4, 4040 Linz, Austria



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