Fem Poem

On becoming a painting

Romina Achatz is in conversation with Luca Mussnig- aka. "Freakygreenfish" or simply "Fish"- an inter- and transdisciplinary artist- a video artist, painter, performer and actionist.

He aims to experience life as a living painting by destructing and redefining the traditional concept of a painting. In the beginning Luca Mussning reads a personal and poetic text about his relationship with the textures frames and linen. Linen sometimes served as a healing cocoon and the frames allegorically stand for social structures and limitations that he would rather break and reconstruct.

By deconstructing the traditional painting, Fish wants to free it from the corset of the institutional framework and to transfer it into an environment that is accessible for everyone.

Romina Achatz and Luca Mussing talk about class, the role of art/ artists and education within society, the definition of politics, Antonio Gramsci, activism and the accessibility of art from a sociological perspective. What role play social media (Tik Tok/ Instagram ecc.)  in the presentation of art and why is Luca invested in researching about an addressing the “holy algorithm”? What are the benefits and downsides of it?

In his performances, the face, from which individuality subjectivity aims to be read, is mostly covered in frames and linen. But the mask is still a representation and a brand. Is to disguise and obscure the identity an effective practice of political resistance to the neoliberal call for transparency? They discuss his work in the framework of the hegemony of facility- and if it refers to the art of disappearing that Jean Baudrillard was writing about.

In the last part of the interview Romina Achatz and Luca Mussing talk about Audre Lorde and her quote: “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” Thinking with the book “Pleasure activism” by Adrienne Maree Brown they discuss the difference between self care in the framework of an neoliberal self optimisation pressure versus true relaxation and pleasure.

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