Fem Poem

First edition of FEM*POEM: Body // Politics // LOVE

Premiere of FEM*POEM, a radio-show to unfold the power of words.

To the first edition of FEM*POEM Romina Achatz invited Josseline Black (US)- a Writer, Artist, Anthropologist, practicing and interdisciplinary Choreographer, Dancer, Curator based in Austria to present her recent texts.

After a short introduction-manifesto about writing and dancing by Romina Achatz,  Josseline Black will read excerpts of her latest text “Critical Ontology of the Status Quo of the Contemporary Performing Body”.

In the second half of the show Romina Achatz and Josseline Black are in a playful literary conversation about the politics of the bodies, philosophy and love.

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Verfasst von Romina S. Achatz

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Gesendet am Di 05. Dez 2017 / 19 Uhr