kf_granstroem Klangfestival, David Granström
Gesendet am Fr 21. Okt 2022 / 22 Uhr

Klangfestival: David Granström

Der schwedische Komponist und Soundkünstler David Ganström stand im August auf der Klangfestival-Bühne und heute steht er auf der terrestrischen FROlive-Bühne. Wir senden die Konzertaufzeichnung vom 19. August.

David Granström (se)

Is a composer and sound artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. His sound work is characterized by harmonic simplicity and spatiotextural complexity, employing sounds of both synthetic and acoustic origin.

Part of Granström’s practice consists in researching new methods for working algorithmically with real-time sound synthesis and precision-tuned harmony, a work which is technically realized by employing tools that he develops in the SuperCollider programming environment and other general purpose programming languages. His compositional approach revolves around creating systems that generate musical material and integrating the results with electric guitar and other physical sound sources.

The last album “Empty Room” has been released on vinyl in 2021 by the renowned experimental Swiss label Hallow Ground, also home to names like Norman Westberg (Swans), Reinier Van Houdt (Current93) and the aforementioned members of Sthlm Drone Society Sonically and atmospherically, the pieces on “Empty Room” (which has been mastered by GiuseppeIelasi) simultaneously call to mind Christian Fennesz’s most meditative work or the physical experience of witnessing Sunn O))) live. The album is marked by melodies and harmonies that are the product of a peculiar working process that turned the composer into an intent listener collaborating with, rather than simply using technology.


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Gesendet am Fr 21. Okt 2022 / 22 Uhr

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