IVE Study Day: Afghan Music in Exile

Views on the Current Situation

„The study day ‘Afghan Music in Exile’ responds to the political and cultural development in Afghanistan since August 2021. With the Taliban seizing power, music has been banned from public life in Afghanistan and has become a subject to migration and exile. Since then, musicians in the country cannot pursue their professional activities, suffer from persecution and threats, and have to fear for their instruments and what’s more, their lives. While the Taliban’s rule and its consequences for Afghans persist to this day, the short media attention in the Global North disappeared just a few months after the takeover of power. The study day ‘Afghan Music in Exile’ aims to foster the discussion about the current situation of Afghanistan’s music and brings together experts in this field”.

Eigenklang sendet Auszüge ausgewählter Beiträge sowie vom abschließenden Konzert „Traditional Music of Afghanistan“ mit Ustad Ghulam Hussain (Afghan Rubab) und Ustad Latif Sharifi (Dhol + Tula).

Welcome Words: Marko Kölbl und Peter Lell.

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Gesendet am Mo 24. Jul 2023 / 11 Uhr

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