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Foto: Katharina Nahtman (FdR17)
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Heavy Sound in Rumble

More Rock'n'Roll Than Usual


TERRORGRUPPE – Superkonferenzschaltung (Destiny 2xCD)

TERRORGRUPPE – Immer Besser (Destiny 2xCD)

TERRORGRUPPE – Arbeit Sein Muss Bleibt (Destiny 2xCD)

CHUCK NORRIS EXPERIMENT – Everything Belongs To You (Ghost Highway/Savage Magic CD)

CHUCK NORRIS EXPERIMENT – Keeping Halloween Alive (Ghost Highway/Savage Magic CD)

BOATSMEN – I Never Drink Alone (Ghost Highway/Zorch Productions CD)

BOATSMEN – My Gold Medal (10 Beers Tonight) (Ghost Highway/Zorch Productions CD)

KING MASTINO – It’s So Hard (Ghost Highway/Beluga/Savage Magic/Stryckhnine CD)

BABOON SHOW – Radio Rebelde (Rookie CD)

CHILLER – Monophonic (Rockstar CD)

SCANERS – Checkpoint Planet (Dirty Water CD)

HOLLYWOOD SINNERS – Chunk Of Steel (Dirty Water CD)

HOLLYWOOD SINNERS – Ultimo Cartucho (Dirty Water CD)

OFFENDERS – Wie Geht’s? (Destiny CD)

LOUIS LINGG AND THE BOMBS – Grindstone (No Label CD)

BAD CHILI AND THE CRABS – Kissing Hard (Vibrophonic Recording CD)

GOON MAT & LORD BERNARDO – Tonight Is The Night (Voodoo Rhythm CD)

IL SENATO – Cielo Rosa (Area Pirata 7″)

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