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From Fitness To Enlightenment – 3

Join me on the 8 limbed path of the yogi and the guided meditation!

In this podcast I will talk about the journey from FITNESS to ENLIGHTENMENT following the 8 Limbed Path of the Yogi written down thousands of years ago by Patanjali.

I will introduce the 8 limbs of the yoga sutras

  • Moral vows (Yamas)
  • Observances (Niyamas)
  • Postures (Asanas)
  • Breath (Pranayama)
  • Turning inward (Pratyahara)
  • Concentration (Dharana)
  • Meditation (Dhyana)
  • Enlightenment (Samadhi)


As always the podcast will offer you a guided meditation with me to experience and connect with some of what you have just heard.

Tune in and enjoy!

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Karin is a psychologist, actress and yoga coach. She helps people to be more present in their body and to find clarity and balance in life.

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