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Data Ecologies 2014

On 23&24 May 2014 took a place symposium Data Ecologies 2014. It was organized by the Time's Up in cooperation with partners from the Future Fabulators project: FoAM from Belgium, Madeira-ITI from Portugal and AltArt from Romania.

The symposium Data Ecologies 2014 was hosted by the KunstRaum Goethestrasse. This year's Data Ecologies discussed how the process of concretisation works and how we talk about and design experiences of possible futures. The goal was to explore how to be meaningfully engaged in this process of concretisation.

Among the invited guests was as well the founder of the Changeist, Scott Smith. The Changeist is a lab, research tank and studio created to identify and make sense of weak signals of change. Smith held a lecture titled „Unshocking Artifacts from the Future“ on  23 May. He talked about the role of the subtle experiences, his recent work co-creating and launching an artifact from just such a future – an unremarkable newspaper Winning Formula from the year 2018. Winning Formula is a project by Near Future Laboratory, which explored questions related to quantification, analytics, digital delivery and Big Data in the fictional newspaper, and some of the more unreal features of data-driven football future. The newspaper was presented at the National Football Museum in Manchester in the beginning of 2014 as part of the Future Everything Festival opening. The main question which concerns Smith is: how do we use the nature of the experience itself to create a factive bridge to the people who are not usually engaged in this kinds of explorations?



Winning Formula

A Day Made of Glass

Talking Shoe

Corner Convenience by Julian Bleecker and Nick Foster


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