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Fem Poem

Oral history as radical art-making

Romina Achatz is in conversation with Brooklyn- based, artist and musician Brandon Perdomo, who is centering his multidisciplinary artwork around the testimony of the body. 

They talk about Oral History as radical art- making and the reclamation of narrative power to communities often both unheard and negotiated as other.

Brandon Perdomo presents his ongoing interdisciplinary interview project  SHEDDINGSOMETHINGSHEDDING, in which he is hosting different artists- who will be featured in the next episode of Fem Poem including Mx. Sugar Mamasota (Brooklyn), Sara Meghdari (Brooklyn) and Lazarus Nazario (Bronx).

„SHEDDINGSOMETHINGSHEDDING is space where practice meets testimony, as independent artists share their stories of becoming in a reimagining of a salon-style gathering in a digital space.“

„This community-driven work was conceived in New York City as the COVID-19 pandemic had both arrived and driven the city to its closure in March, 2020. (…) independent artists rally and organize to share their truths, advocate & uplift one another, and share visions for a sustainable, equitable balance in the cultural sector, all while global social solidarity movements call for land-back, fights for social, professional, economic equity. Exploring both creative process and the embodied experiences that informs their practices, this multicultural and intergenerational project aims to encourage curiosity & wonder, and reclamation of narrative power to communities often both unheard and negotiated as other.“

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