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© ESO/C. Malin
ARS Radio

art & science: #1

In the first "art & science" radio broadcast you will hear the recordings from AEC press conference and press tour titled "The Elements of Art and Science".

The art & science project enables to the artists to get engaged in the scientific work at ESO or CERN, which are two scientific mentoring institutions, and are representing Europe’s peak in scientific research. The Ars Electronica Futurelab is providing state-of-the-art technical production possibilities in a trans disciplinary discourse. And in the end, seven European cultural partners (Center for the promotion of science, RS – DIG Gallery, SK – Zaragoza City of Knowledge Foundation, ES – Kapelica Gallery / Kersnikova, SI – GV Art, UK – Laboral, ES – Science Gallery, IE) are representing strong and various European cultural- and artistic positions. All these institutions are consisting a big manifold called „European Digital Art and Science Network“

Gerfried Stocker, the artistic director of Ars Electronica, introduced latter network at the Ars Electronica press conference. As well as on the guided press tour through the „Elements of Art and Sciences“ exhibition in Ars Electronica Center.

Some of the present artists – their work is still exhibited in AEC – explained the main idea behind these. One of them was María Ignacia Edwards, an artist from Santiago (Chile), who was awarded with the residency at European Southern Observatory (ESO). She presented her work “Mobile Instrument”. Nick Ervinck, as he stated, is promoting new architecture with his work „Viunap“, a 3D print of one absurd building initially presented as 2D wallpaper. And Kepler´s Dream, a work by Ann-Katrin Krenz and Michael Burk, is an aesthetical investigation, which exploring projection technologies and 3D printed computationally created content, emphasized Michael Burk.


The series of five art & science radio broadcasts are supported by Ars Electronica, and produced with the intention to follow the European Digital Art and Science Network.

Microphone: Sarah Praschak and Jerneja Zavec

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