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Tangible Media Group (MIT) and its “RADICAL ATOMS”

Daniel Leithinger from the "Tangible Media Group" gives insides into the work of his team and explains visions for the future of human-material interactions and future ways of communication!

Romina Achatz is in conversation with Daniel Leithinger from the Tangible Media Group, an interdisciplinary research facility at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Media Lab in Cambridge, USA. He gives an inside into the work of “Tangible Media Group” and talks about the ongoing collaboration with Ars Electronica.

He explains the concept of  “RADICAL ATOMS”, which was not only the name of an exhibition at ARS ELECTRONICA Centre 2017 – but is also a vision, a guiding principle for their work, founded by Hiroshi Ishii.

Radical Atoms takes a leap beyond Tangible Bits by assuming a hypothetical generation of materials that can change form and appearance dynamically, becoming as reconfigurable as pixels on a screen. Radical Atoms is a vision for the future of human-material interaction, in which all digital information has a physical manifestation so that people can interact directly with it.

A Radio show about future possibilities of communication.

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