Foto: Jerneja Zavec // Peter Androsch und Dietmar Kerschbaum
Peter Androsch und Dietmar Kerschbaum
Festival Neue Musik


Press conference "Festival Neue Musik" with Peter Androsch and Dietmar Kerschbaum // Interviews with artists and musicians Lukas Jakob Löcker, Andreea Vladut and Gregor Woschitz

From 7th until 10thof June 2018 the Festival of New Music is taking place. With the titel TOTAL SOLO, performances are to be seen over different venues across the city of Linz. Peter Androsch, festival curator, and Dietmar Kerschbaum, artistic director at the Brucknerhaus, explained what exactly will happen during the festival at the press conference held in May.

Additionally to the press conference, we are serving interviews with some of the artists and musicians present at the festival – Lukas Jakob Löcker, Andreea Vladut and Gregor Woschitz. They revealed their projects and installations, and shared a few words on the topic of solo in relation to the political.

We will broadcast live from the festival on 7th and 8th of June on Radio FRO between noon and 1 pm – tune in!

Music: Monica Vlad (8 June 2018 – Brucknerhaus // Linz, AT)

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