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Spaces for expressing grief

Can mourning play a central role in shaping a new perspective on crises? Does it possess the power to dissolve barriers between the self and the other, be it human or nonhuman?


We’re thrilled to bring you insights from our recent interview with multimedia artist Andreea Vladut and performer/singer Christa Wall. Back in 2021, we had the pleasure of hosting them, where they shared details about the evolving research project initially named “From Tears to Ideas,” now known as Moirologue.

In collaboration with Romanian dirge singers Maria Casandra Hauși and Zamfira Ludovica Mureșan, they’ve produced the same named composition that we are broadcasting throughout the show.
Their goal was to recontextualize the traditional ritual of mourning within a contemporary framework, providing a structured platform for those experiencing grief. Their collective effort emphasizes the significance of shared spaces for expressing grief.

During their collaboration, Andreea conducted an interview with Zamfira Ludovica Mureșan – the complete interview is available online.


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