DS-RFRO-01 Dunkelkammer Session
Am Mittwoch, 5.08.2020, 21 - 22 Uhr
Am Mittwoch, 2.09.2020, 21 - 22 Uhr
Am Mittwoch, 7.10.2020, 21 - 22 Uhr
Am Mittwoch, 10.06.2020, 21 - 22 Uhr


The Dunkelkammer Session is a platform for virtual and live improvisation that joins musicians, sound artists and performers through streamed one-on-one encounters in a parallel radio emission.

The series is intended for sound and experimental practices as a research medium and for listeners as an awareness of live arts in the digital realm. It reflects on sound as space of utopian encounter that sets a common context for two participants, previously nonexistent. More than producing sound, it is an invitation to listen in different levels by following the affections of interaction.

It is a project by Gabriela Gordillo, co-curated with Fernando Vigueras in a program between Linz and Mexico City to be realized from March to October 2020.


Verantwortliche/r: Gabriela Gordillo
Kontakt: gabriela@servus.at
Sprachen: Englisch

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