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Responding to Ko Murobushi- 1001 nights of the Outside Vol.4 in TOKYO

FEM*POEM portrays the International dance and research festival "Responding to Ko Murobushi- 1001 nights of the Outside Vol.4" in Tokyo.

This radio-show portrays the International Festival „Responding to Ko Murobushi- 1001 nights of the Outside Vol.4“, organized by Kimiko Watanabe and the Ko Murobushi Archive in Tokyo, Shinjuku. Between March and August 2018,  11 dancers are invited from all over the world to research in the „Ko Murobushi Archiv“ for two weeks an have a performance as an „experiment“ in the end of their stay, that responds to the word famous dancer Ko Murobushi who died in 2015 in Mexico. Included in the festivals are Talk sessions with philosophers, poets, translators, dance-critics, choreographers, experimental muscians, theater-critics and film screenings.

In this edition of Fem*Poem Romina Sylvia Achatz is in conversation with the director Kimiko Watanabe, who introduces the Archiv and the Festival- and afterwards with the dancers Kevin Frank, Sarjo Sankareh and Anais Michelin who came to perform and research in Tokyo in March and April, and worked in 2015 with Ko Murobushi during the project NIJINSKI À MINUIT in Paris. They are reflecting about dance, Ko Murobushi and their experience in Japan.


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