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Radical Openness and the Crisis

Felix Stalder held his lecture „Radical Openness and the Crisis“ within the festival AMRO - Art Meets Radical Openness in May 2016.

Felix Stalder talks about three significant crisis – economic, political and ecological – and deals with the concept of radical openness within those. He states: „Openness — the ability to use, share and transform information — is a key aspect for social innovation and for finding ways out of the current crises. First, we need new ways of collaborating and integrating the intellectual capacities of a wider range of people. Second, we need to transform the way the state works and, third, we need a new relationship to nature. All three are technology and data-intensive processes, and we need to fight against restrictions through copyright, the closure of proprietary data and outmoded separation of nature from culture.

But this is not enough. Technology alone will not save us, We can easily imagine all of this realized through newly authoritarian regimes based on surveillance, manipulation and new ecological racism. Thus, we need to think about the social institutions through which we want to realize these technological potentials.“


Felix Stalder
AMRO – Art Meets Radical Openness

Music (CC): Revolution Void and Stereo System.

Microphone: Jerneja Zavec

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