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Queer Rights and Wellbeing Activism in Nigeria

In this episode Romina Achatz is in conversation with LGBTIQ+ rights and wellbeing activist Matthew Blaise.

They founded The Oasis Project, a Nigeria-based registered non-profit organization working to promote positive representation of queer people. They educate, uphold, empower and promote the rights and humanity of all Nigerians. The Oasis Project provides a safe space for the LGBTIQ+community to connect, engage, support and celebrate the vibrancy of the community.
Besides the Oasis Project and the LGBTIQ+ community in Nigeria, Matthew Blaise talks about Queer Practices in Ancient Africa that make Queerness more African than Queerphobia.
They talk about pre- colonial times in which gender as a fixed and binary idea wasn’t materialized yet. For example, Matthew talks about Same Sex eroticism for Spiritual Benefits, Female Husbandary, Crossdressing, Male Daughters, Affairs of the “Mudoko Dako”, Androgynous,  Zvibanda, Chibados, Quintanas, Gangas and Kibambaa (male diviners) in Angola and Namibia and much more.
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Music by Whitescape  (Helly Vega)

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