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madhou5e – Chronicall

Tom aka Chronicall is a Drum & Bass artist from Austria.

He started playing the Piano at the age of 6. After about 9 years of playing Classical and later Jazz Piano he quit the music school. Influenced by a huge festival he came in touch with the different genres electronic music has to offer. Fascinated by the energy and feeling on the dance floor he checked through all kinds of producers and start…ed to collect a huge amount of music. About 3 years ago he bought a DJ Equipment from a famous Austrian DnB DJ. From this day on he practiced a lot and played on parties in Linz and Upper Austria. Chronicall likes to combine all the different sorts of DnB into one mix. Starting with deep and melodic tunes he builds up the tension to make the crowd go wild to the fast and heavy stuff. He performs as the head of crearture and is responsible for the organisation and booking. Give it a try and check out the Chronicall experience!

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