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I am Jugoslovenka

The author Jasmina Tumbas presented and later on discussed her new book "I am Jugoslovenka!" Feminist performance politics during and after Yugoslav Socialism with Marina Grzinic, Natasa Mackuljak and Mirjana Mustra

In June´s radio show we broadcasted an interview with the author Jasmina Tumbas, an Assistant Professor Global Gender and Sexuality Studies at the University at Buffalo, about her new book “I am Jugoslovenka!” Feminist performance politics during and after Yugoslav Socialism (Manchester University Press, 2022).

This time we are broadcasting an audio recording of the book presentation in Depot in Vienna. After the presentation, the author discussed the latter with Marina Grzinic, Professor, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Natasa Mackuljak, PhD student at Academy of Fine Arts Vienna/WIENWOCHE and Mirjana Mustra, student at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. 

The event was a cooperation of the Department of Conceptual Art, the Institute of Fine Arts and Depot – Kunst und Diskussion Vienna.

Many thanks to Radio ORANGE and Zoe Gudović from Ženergija for this audio recording.

Video: Book presentation @ Depot, Vienna 
Audio: Book presentation @ Depot, Vienna | CBA, Radio ORANGE

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