Stephanie Quirola & Caroline Profanter
Gesendet am Fr 22. Jul 2022 / 19 Uhr

From Air to Bones – From Dusk to Dust (bb15 Space for Contemporary Art)

Performance: 22.07.2022, 7pm-8pm (sharp)

Starting in Linz, Stephanie Quirola & Caroline Profanter will draw out a map, turned into a score, based on their daily explorations of the immediate surroundings of bb15. This map will focus on the accumulation/density and evanescence of real and possible events within a perceptual experience.

Where do sounds dis-appear? The score, based on drawings as well as audio recordings, will be translated into the gallery space as a kind of listening „parcours“, where sound-objects travel between materials, through ears and bodies. The space will be transformed acoustically using simple means, found material and improvised instruments, exploring the symbiotic aspects between materials, feeding back into each other constantly. What is transforming, resonating with what?

As a second part of the residency they will continue the working process at a distance, from 63.1000 48.3000 and 21.6167 14.2833, their combinations multiplying. While Stephanie will be in Vaasa/Finland, they will continue working on the gathered material, seeking ways of experiencing distant proximity. The process will lead into a live transmitted radio creation, happening in situ at bb15, broadcast online and on air on local fm radio stations.

Following their first collaboration, the sound walk „woanders währenddessen“, Stephanie Quirola & Caroline Profanter work with sonic and visual symbols that open up whimsical situations where the uncanny meets the absurd.

Live from bb15 during the performance

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Gesendet am Fr 22. Jul 2022 / 19 Uhr

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