Gesendet am Sa 25. Jan 2020 / 22 Uhr
Transmission Radioshow

TMC presents TuneIn with Steven Vim

Transmission Clubnight präsentiert Euch in dieser Nacht Steven Vim´s TuneIn Podcast.
Eine ganz besondere 4 Stunden Show mit zwei guten Freunden, sehr viel Musik in zwei Sprachen und viel Spaß.

Unser Gast: STEVEN VIM (Head of PulseTone Recordings)
Electronic Music Artist / Producer & Remixer / Radiohost /
Steven Vim – Lippyfish – Pitch&Shifter – Kinderleicht
Sound: Techno, Trance, Prog-House, Prog-Trance, Chillout / Lounge

Steven Vim has been the driving force behind different monikers such as: Kinderleicht, Pitch & Shifter and Lippyfish, and he’s managed to create his own voice within the electronic music scene, dabbling into House, Deep House, Trance, Progressive and Tech House but also range into other genres such as: Alternative, Rock, Pop and Soundtracks. His work has earned him the respect of many important entities in the music industry, having also signed with revered labels like: Chilling Grooves Music, Baccara Music, Muenchen, Acunadeep, Trance Gold Records, Islas Baleares, Iplug and Infractive Digital, in addition to his own imprint Pulsetone Recordings.

It all started in the late 80/early90 when Steven heard the first synthesizer based tracks from Jean-Michel Jarre on the radio. With the age of seven he learned Organ, but he wasn’t very happy by from playing church music, so he stopped after a few lessons. 
Some years after when electronic dance music became more popular and between school, puberty and parties and listening to eurodance, trance music and techno, he bought his first Synthesizer. So his very first studio was based on a AKAI Sampler, one Yamaha Synth and selfmade speakersystem where he started recording his own music on tapes and creating his first mixtapes for friends.

From 1999 he did oscillate between deejaying in bars, as radiohost and producing, learning and teaching studio knowledge.

In the following years, beside beeing a Deejay, he created some projects with friends like Pitch & Shifter (Progressive House) or Lippyfish, also Solo-based projects like Kinderleicht (Deep House), Steve Edison (Electro House).

In 2009 /2010 he started his ‚TuneIN Podcast Radio‘ together with Dj Miramar as a co-producer on FM Radio FRO called TRANSMISSION RADIOSHOW. In 2012 he launched his own label PulseTone Recordings and two years after his second Label PulseTone Muted.



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