Ayende Safid

The Situation of the Refugees in Austria

Bashar Dost is a person who is more than 6 years in Austria without any clear future. if you would like to listen to his story then do not forget to be with Ayende Safid.

A guest is invited to talk and explain his own experience as an Afghan Refugee who has been living in Austria for more than 6 years.

he was asked about his life condition and living status in Austria, and the challenges that he faced and faces now a days.

during the Interview we broadcast  some Afghani songs, which surely make the listeners feel happy and enjoy the Program.



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I'm Bahman Naseri, I'm from Afghanistan and I have been in Austria since 2015, the high passion which I had with Media and Radio made me to think about a Radio Program in Radio FRO. And thanks Radio FRO for providing me such wonderful opportunity.

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