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Gesendet am Mi 27. Mai 2020 / 21 Uhr
Freshly Squeezed

Little uplift

Vintage-inspired gems in this lockdown special.

Freshly Squeezed continues to deliver a hand-picked selection of new releases and vintage-inspired gems in this lockdown special. We sincerely hope it will help some of you in these strange times of isolation, and offer some light relief and a little uplift.

Music is an international language of union and communication and we hope that this episode speaks to you. It’s made with love in Brighton.

Playlist 27.5.2020 [Artist, Track, Label/Comment]

Atom Smith Elliot Deutsch, Comin‘ Up Swinging (feat. Miss Emmma), Freshly Squeezed
Pisk, Horny (Electro Swing Version), Freshly Squeezed
Odd Chap, The Little Man Who Wasn’t There, Freshly Squeezed
Swing Ninjas, Do Ya Hallelujah, Freshly Squeezed
11 Acorn Lane, Little Did She Know, Wooden Hat Records
11 Acorn Lane, Claudette, Wooden Hat Records
Monetrik, Blues Soup, Freshly Squeezed
The Golden Gate Quartet, Didn’t It Rain (Minimatic remix), Tour Eiffel
Parov Stelar, Come Back Home, Etage Noir
Vito Lalinga, Rebellie Original Mix, Timewarp
Riff Kitten, Hide & Seek, Freshly Squeezed
Parov Stelar, Piano Boy, Etage Noir
modal Projekt, Great Fall, Freshly Squeezed

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