Fem Poem

Golden Words/ Wortgold #International WOMEN’s day

POETRY and LITERATURE by WOMEN. This episode is produced within the framework of the International WOMEN’s day.

It is filled with poetry and literature by different voices- poets, writers, theatre directors, artists, activists, curators who identify as women or partly identify as women or are living in between or way beyond gender binaries. The sacred words are spoken in by the writers themselves.

The first part of the the episode is in German: Frieda Paris, Romina Achatz, Olivia Clementschitsch, Martina Ruttin, Lia M., Alice Eric Moe, Marion Steinfellner, Lisa Jakob and Katharina Kummer.

The voices in English are spoken and written by Maya Ansah, Tina Amerstorfer, Petra Anne Bernard, Flora Petri and Josseline Black.

This Episode is produced and curated by Romina Achatz.


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Romina S. Achatz

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Writer, filmmaker, performer, activist
Doctor of Philosophy Ph.D.

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