Building a European Cultural Backbone
Gesendet am Sa 28. Mai 2022 / 11 Uhr

Building a European Cultural Backbone

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A significant part of public debate takes place today on a few commercial online platforms, whereby the conditions and forms of free expression are made dependent solely on a market-based logic and on the commercial business models of the platform operators.

Since no real democratic discourse can take place under such conditions, it is necessary to create independent, not-for-profit infrastructures and democratic media spaces (“Public Open Spaces”) that enable and promote public debates and opinion-forming under conditions geared to the common good.

Thus we invite to a series of events in Linz, Austria to explore and expand technology for community based exchange and publication.
With collaborative hacking projects we want to push forward a common base for a European Cultural Backbone for community media and their surrounding media spheres.

Parts of the event will be streamed live online due to the very friendly support by CCC – Chaos Computer Club Germany.

Conference site & program:


Radio FRO ist live dabei:

11:30 – 13:00 Uhr
Panel I: The future of community media in Europe: How to maintain the 3rd sector as a critical, alternative space? 

How can we shape a community media podcast future, maintaining the non-negotiables of community broadcasting and a 3rd sector legitimacy and role?

Panelists: Sabine Fratzke (BFR, DE), Tamás Jamriskó (Radio EPER, HU), Vladimir Radinovic (CMFE, SR) and Helga Schwarzwald (VFRÖ, AT)
Host: Birgitte Jallov (Community Media Forum Europe)


14:00 – 15:00 Uhr
Dorf TV

Presentation of the local community TV Dorf TV and its online video platform

Speakers: Roland Jankowski & Gabriele Kepplinger (dorfTV, AT)


15:00 – 16:00 Uhr
The socio-cultural impact of podcasts and online platforms focused on communities of practice

Presentation of case studies of the XRCB in the context of Barcelona and the decentralization of open infrastructures for radio broadcasters.

Speakers: Efraín Foglia & Antònia Folguera (XRCB, ES/CAT)


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Gesendet am Sa 28. Mai 2022 / 11 Uhr

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