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Arts of Dreaming: Ukraine

Live-Show for Peace in the Ukraine.12:05-13:00
Call out, stand up, raise you voice for Peace and Freedom.

Five past twelve

I am one human being. I am diverse. I’m ambiguous.

381 kilometers as the crow flies, 500 km by car –
this is the distance from Vienna to Innsbruck,
or the drive from Linz to Venice –
from Austria to a Russian war zone.
“How can we dance when the world keeps turning?
How can we sing while our beds are burning?”
Not everyone cooks with water. We cook with gas.
And bathe in oil. Until late after midnight.

It’s five past twelve.
The Baiji, the Chinese river dolphin, became extinct in 2007.
From the Vaquita, the smallest whale on earth,
there are probably only ten individuals left.
It’s five past twelve.
Human massacres on our doorsteps…

Human insanity is not subjective.
It affects us all.
But it is also not objective.
Objectively I am here and the war there,
the murders there, the expulsion there…

But all people who directly participate
are people like me: eyes, nose, ears, skin.
A racing heart. A finger on the trigger.
A body in front of me… broken and torn
still twitching and bleeding,
now empty.

Tino Ed (2022)


1.) Gimnazija Kranj Symphony Orchestra and Choir: “Eine Mondscheinnacht” / “Місячна ніч ” (Text: Mykhailo Starytsky), 27.02.2022.

2.) “гімн України” (PHONK EDITION) anthem of Ukraine (PHONK EDITION), 2019.

3.) “Vladimir Putin – Putin, Putout” (The Unofficial Russian Anthem) by Klemen Slakonja (text), music: Klemen Slakonja & Pier (Petar Bajan), 2016.

4.) Pussy Riot – “Organs”, 2016.

5.) Patti Smith – “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, 2007.

6.) Choir-Mash up:
The anthem of Ukraine performed by young participants of children’s talent shows “Little Giants” and “Voice. Children-2”, and others (31.12.2015) / UKRAINE DRIP (Ukraine’s National Anthem Trap Remix prod. by BBMusic, 26.02.2022) / Михайло Вербицький Державний Гімн України (ykhailo Verbytsky: “National Anthem of Ukraine Anthem of Ukraine”, 2020) / Гімн України.Хор ім.Г.Верьовки під керівництвом Анатолія Тимофійовича Авдієвського. Гімн України.Хор ім.Г. Верьовки. Choir lead by G. Veryovka & G. Ropes, under the direction of Anatoliy Tymofiyovych Avdievsky “Anthem of Ukraine” (2017) / United People – Гімн України (Live) | National Anthem of Ukraine (2016) / David Garrett – Hymn of Ukraine – National Anthem of Ukraine (2009)

7.) Gimnazija Kranj Symphony Orchestra and Choir: “Der goldene Birkenhain ist verstummt (Отговорила роща золотая).” Text: a russian poem by Sergei Yesenin.

8.) “Гей Соколи (Hej Sokoły)” – Ukrainian folk, Engl.: “Hey, falcons“. Interprets: “Brothers” (2020).

9.) Harry Belafonte “Jamaica Farewell” on The Ed Sullivan Show on June 24, 1956.

10.) Alice Phoebe Lou – “Little Wing” – Jimi Hendrix (Cover), April 2015, Berlin (U-Bahnhof).

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