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Free Speech Camp Live

how to listen to the free speech camp live
You can try to click the links below. If your audio-player opens and plays the stream, you haven't to do anything else. If you listen to the real audio stream with your real player, you only have to click on the link. The player will open and play the stream automatically.

Otherwise: Let's go the direct way:

  • Open your favourite streaming capable mpeg-player
  • click on file -> play location
  • type in one of the exact stream URLs below
  • for instance:
  • WinAmp: Ctrl+L and the same as above.

link to stream exact stream url downloads
mp3 live stream by silverserver (24kb/s)
best URL for radio stations which want to adopt this stream [get mp3 player]

real audio live stream [get real audio player]

mp3 live stream (24kb/s) [get mp3 player]

mp3 live stream for inside vbs (24kb/s) (for slower connections) [get mp3 player]

mp3 live stream (64kb/s) (for faster connections) [get mp3 player]

mp3 live stream for inside vbs (64kb/s) [get mp3 player]

another mp3 stream via [get mp3 player]